ZIPZOC Medicated Stocking

ZIPZOC is a sterile, single use, zinc oxide impregnated stocking which is used widely in wound management and dermatology to provide patients with an aid to the treatment of chronic leg ulcers, eczema, dermatitis, cellulitis and hyperkeratosis.

ZIPZOC works by forming a barrier on the surface of the skin which protects against moisture and irritants.

Where chronic venous insufficiency exists, ZIPZOC may be used as a primary contact layer under compression therapy systems**. 

Patient Comfort

ZIPZOC contains 20% zinc oxide which is soothing to damaged skin.

ZIPZOC’s preservative free formulation may reduce the risk of reaction for patients with sensitive skin.  

ZIPZOC may only require a retention bandage over, which means that patients can wear their normal footwear.

Ease of Use

ZIPZOC’s stocking presentation means that it is easy to apply and remove, therefore saving valuable time at dressing changes.

ZIPZOC contains white, soft paraffin and liquid paraffin so will not dry out or adhere to the wound if changed sufficiently frequently – this means that it can be used with confidence as a primary contact layer.

Ordering Information

FP10 Drug Tarrif (UK only)PIP Code
Zipzoc Stocking (4’s)234-3739
Zipzoc Stocking (10’s)234-3747
NHS Catalogue (UK only)Code
Zipzoc StockingEFA 029

Republic of Ireland product poster

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Low adherent
  • Preservative free
  • Soothing and comfortable to wear
  • Cost effective care with up to 7 days wear time

Currently available in UK, Ireland, the Nordic countries, New Zealand, Australia and Canada

**Always carry out a vascular assessment before applying compression therapy